This year we uploaded all the resized and edited photos, as well as RAW files (you can edit yourself) of the interiors ON GOOGLE DRIVE (please click on it and it will open in a new tab).

-We will be re-painting 2 out of 4 walls and floors in PURE WHITE – it will be super clean and beautiful.
-We will be adding even more lighting panels, so it’s daylight-bright at any time and weather condition.
-Replacing ceiling lights so they are easier to photoshop out.
-Completely new sets and layout.
-Cleaning station in the bathroom.

-Updating the front of the building with decor&sign.
-Adding a cute closet space.
-Adding a storage area.

We decided to switch to a completely automated booking system.

We are very excited about the new booking system, as now you can check the availability, select your time and date, pay right away and receive a confirmation for your booking with all the details and studio rules right away- no need to wait for our response.

You may receive an ERROR message after the payment was completed due to the way the scheduling software is interacting as a widget on the website (website bug, simply), but as long as you received a confirmation email, saying APPOINTMENT SCHEDULED – you are all good!

Give it a couple mins after the error message and refresh your email, and if you haven’t received the email- GET IN TOUCH WITH ME @iamcreativespace (fb/ig) or +18135074191 🙂

✨HOW TO CHCEK THE AVAILABILITY If you are looking to check the availability of the spaces or services- simply select “a service” and check out the available times.

✨HOW TO BOOK THE SPACE OR SERVICE To book your appointment: choose “a service”, pick your date and time, fill in your details, and make a payment.

✨ADD-ONs When selecting add-ons in the checkbox menu, please remember that they are a separate fee. We will be in touch with you for all the further details.


-THIS YEAR WE ARE NOT KEEPING ANY GAPS BETWEEN THE BOOKINGS, which means you would need to: setup, do all your shoots, breakdown, cleanup (all props must be how you found them), and walk out of the room WITHIN the booked time. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you are doing minis, please make sure to book extra time in case your clients will be running late. We are doing our best to stay as flexible as possible for you, if we will not have anyone booking after you- I am happy to give you extra time to finish, but we are getting very busy on the weekends, so I can’t guarantee any extra time in case something is not going accordingly to your schedule. Please make sure to book accordingly. -YOU MUST PUT ALL THE PROPS BACK ON ITS PLACE.

 Thank you so much for reading and we can’t wait to host you✨


DURING HOLIDAYS we do not allow styled shoots for the regular hourly rate. You need to get in touch with us if you want to host a styled shoot in one of our spaces 🙂


No more than 10 people are allowed at once (minis are fine) AT ANY SPACE, unless it’s a large family.



Pretty good on a sunny day during the daylight till an hour before the sunset, but it’s pretty dark on a gloomy day.


There are 7 2ft*4ft very soft panels that light up the room evenly and are identical to natural lighting, you can shoot anytime and under any weather conditions- lighting will stay perfect no matter what! Super easy to work with and can be moved anywhere.

There are also some string lights on the wall and a lamp, if you use  just those without the panels-you can create very moody and creative lighting. You are welcome to bring your own lighting!

600 SQFT

-Spacious bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, and a mirror.
-Heater is installed in this room. It’s warm and cozy 🙂

Our studio has an amazing customer closet with lots of items! Please check out OUR CUSTOMER CLOSET FOR all the details.

There are 5 FREE parking spots right in front of the door and at least 20 more within 30 ft from the door 🙂

  • Full amount must be paid at the time of the booking.
    CashApp,Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, cash, booking with a card through our booking system on the website(preferred).
  • We do not provide invoices, please use your charge on the card (if booking through the website) or Venmo/Cash App/Paypal/Zelle memo as an invoice.
  • You may reschedule only ONCE in case of:
    -Hazardous driving and weather conditions (if you rescheduled and falls on the day when it’s dangerous to drive, we can reschedule 2nd time).
  • You can ONLY reschedule for the same decor and hourly rate you booked it for (ex. you will not be able to reschedule your time from summer decor to Christmas decor). If you couldn’t find time to reschedule before we re-decorated for a new season/decor, your booking will not be active any longer. To check on our decor dates, please check “SPACE RENTAL”->”the space you want to book”->”decor schedule”.
  • You can only reschedule “full” booking, (ex. you booked a space 2-4pm and you now need only 2-3pm, we WILL NOT be able to divide your booking, you must reschedule the full amount of hours) .
  • IF YOU JUST DID NOT SHOW UP with no notice, we will not be able to reschedule or refund you.
  • PLEASE LET US KNOW AS SOON AS YOU FIND OUT SOMETHING IS NOT GOING ACCORDINGLY TO YOUR PLAN, we always will try our best to make it work for you 🙂
  • Guests may cancel their booking until 60 days before the booking start time and will receive a full refund (!! MINUS PAYMENT PROCESSING FEE (2.9%+30cents)!!).
  • Guests may cancel their Booking between 60 days and 40 days before the booking start time and receive 50%  (!! MINUS PAYMENT PROCESSING FEE (2.9%+30cents)!!) of the full amount refunded.
  • Cancellations submitted less than 40 days before the Booking start time are not refundable.

    -We are recommending you to take the full amount or deposit for the studio booking from your clients BEFORE booking with us or ask them to pay for the studio. This way you will know for sure your clients will show up and you will not need to cancel or reschedule unless it is an emergency.

Booking and paying for studio rental is proof of agreement to the following terms:

  • You agree to comply and make all guests and or representatives responsible as well.
  •  Agree to leave The Studio and surrounding property in the same condition as when you arrived. Booking instructions (sent prior to rental) must be followed, photos sent as instructed. Failure to do so will result in additional fees.
  • Please have your own liability insurance.
  • We’re not responsible for the personal property of renters or guests used during and anything left after reservation.
  • Cleaning fee does not cover general cleaning up after your shoot. This is your responsibility. This includes returning furniture to its original location, removing ALL of the garbage and taking with you, sweeping up excess dirt/debris and wiping up any spills that took place while you were there.
  • You are liable for all equipment and furniture on premises.
  • Any and all equipment that is damaged or broken will be replaced at 1.5 x’s the retail price. PLEASE use caution. Do not stand on chairs, sofa or tables.
  • Our studio is a non-smoking environment. No smoking inside of the studio at anytime.
  • Use of open flames (eg. candles, oil lamps) and/or pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited in the studio.
  • Please be courteous to other residents of the building, no large groups coming and going, no loud music. All activities other than load and unload must remain in studio. Absolutely nothing can be stored or set up in hallway or common areas.
  • Groups of more than 10 people are not allowed in the studio at once in one space (except big families, you are welcome to bring multiple generations and extended family at once, just notice that sunshine and cozy are pretty small for more than 10 people and I would recommend to rent dream or attic for big families).
  • SHOES  WORN OUTSIDE ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO SPACES PAST THE SHOE SHELF (by each room), please keep your shoes on in the hallway. PLEASE BRING A CLEAN PAIR OF SHOES TO CHANGE INTO, make sure your guests do the same.
  • NO PETS are allowed in the studio (except patio areas in the campers, we love pets, but we had a lot of damage happening, so had to stop allowing the pets). Service animal are welcome with the certificate.


A) You hereby waive your right to seek legal redress for mishaps, accidents, and losses while on our premises. You agree to release the host, its owners, agents, employees, affiliated independent contractors, or any other related personnel, the company and any of its subsidiaries of any and all liability for any and all accidents or injuries whether physical or mental, while in participation of, working and/or shooting in the studios, or any other activity in conjunction with this space, or situations that you encounter while renting the studio space.

B) You waive the studio and all leaseholders of any liabilities arising out of the use of the studio. The host or any of all leaseholders will not be held liable for any injuries, accidents, loss or damage that occurs in the studio or on the premises.

C) It is your responsibility as the renter to carry liability insurances. The studio will ONLY be liable for the amount of rental fee if your shoot is delayed or canceled as a result of a situation that arises within the studio making the facilities/building unusable.

D) The studio expressly prohibits any illegal activity on its premises during the course of any rental. You agree to be solely responsible for the conduct and welfare of all persons accompanying your while on our premises. Please use caution when opening any windows. NO person is allowed to sit near an open window.

E) You agree to allow the studio representative to be present during rental period (if needed).