6000SFT | 4 SPACES | 20+ STYLES


First of all, let me thank you for checking us out, it’s an honor to have you here!

IAMCREATIVESPACE is a chain of photography studios and creative spaces for small group master-classes and lessons, that anyone can rent on hourly basis.

We have 2 locations (5 spaces): one has 4 floors (THE COZY PLACE, THE SUNSHINE ROOM, THE DREAM SPACE, THE ATTIC), and our 2nd locations is an outdoor spot (THE CAMPER)-TEMPORALLY UNAVAILABLE. 
You may rent out each of the floors separately or together.

IAMCREATIVESPACE is planed out as the perfect photography studio, which means we have everything you dreamed of.

We are offering 100+ props for your use (including everything for newborn photography), beautiful natural lighting, some studio-lighting equipment (flash stands, flashes, umbrellas, reflectors, softboxes and more), different decor styles, as well as seasonal decor, customer closet (beautiful designer’s gowns for maternity and non-maternity sessions).

Every single corner was planned out to look perfect on the photos from any angle you shoot! You can move anything you want, you can do whatever you want, as long as you are not damaging the decorations/ props/ furniture and will put them back before leaving 🙂

Another cool thing is that we also offer the studio MEMBERSHIPS!

IAMCREATIVESPACE is offering you an opportunity to hold your private or a group master-class, meeting, or a lesson. You can use any of our decorated spaces. We could set up a projector, tables and chairs, and decorate for your workshop as well.

Besides providing in-house decor for your event, we came up with amazing decor packages in lots of different styles for OUTSIDE of the studio events. You now can hire us to decorate your event in a different venue.

In case you are planning to decorate yourself, but need a couple props, such as peacock chair, themed decor, arch backdrops and etc – we provide rental items as well.

Our studio also offers photography one-on-one and group classes and courses, as well as workshops, fun events, interest clubs, and a lot more!

Check out iamcreativeschool.com for all the details!