Hi, Dear Friend!
First of all, let me thank you for booking the shoot in the studio!
Here is information that will help you get ready for your photoshoot 🥰
First of all, I would like to notice that I made a Pinterest board where I put together some outfit ideas and photos, here is the link:

Then I would like to share my approach on choosing the outfits! I would like to offer you three ways to think about “the mood”: “romantic”, “casual”, or mix of them! Let me tell you about each of them so you can select which one works best for you or maybe you want to do both (please check with your photographer on how many outfit changes you can do and I am sure there will be some individual recommendations depending on the idea of your shoot):
💃🏼For ladies (moms and daughters) I would recommend to have long, flowy, light (weight), dresses, even if it’s longer than you-perfect! The more fabric the dress has the better that is! Simple lighter color shoes.

🕺🏼For gentlemen (partners and sons) I simply recommend pants and dress shirts. It’s better if you have lighter top and darker bottom (depends on the color theme you select below).
Brown/grey shoes.

This one is pretty simple! Everyone can wear:

👖 Light jeans or any light color pants. 
👕Any color lighter shade shirts, pullovers, or knit jackets. Only thing I would recommend here is to have those oversized and textured (knit/any other cool-looking textures)😬
This one would be mix of “casual” and “romantic”, which means you could wear:
💃🏼Ladies, you could wear a long dress/long skirt and a huge sweater/blazer/ on top! 
🕺🏼For gentlemen, you could wear the pants and the sweater.



-If you would like to go with the light and airy shades I recommend wearing any lighter shades of blue, purple, pink, warmer pink, “peach”, cream, beige, grey, off-white, or simply white-those will be perfect for dresses and tops.
-If you would like to go with more saturated, colorful, and contrasted theme, I would recommend saturated deep red, orange, mustard/dark yellow, darker deep green.

-White/light shades of the color you are wearing for gentlemen’s tops.


-I recommend wearing grey, blue, tan, mustard, beige, light-brown color for bottoms in any color theme you select. I don’t recommend darker bottoms for studio shoot. 


-If you wish to add some accessories (headband, jewelry, tie, suspenders) I would recommend to select one warm saturated color (red, pink, orange, mustard-yellow, and etc). Bring your own hat if you would like, otherwise there is plenty in the studio 🙂

-Clean white socks for everyone.
-I recommend for the each piece of your outfit to be ONE SOLID color with no patterns, marks, emblems, glitter, brands and etc.

The reason for it is that the backdrop itself already have lots of small details on it and if we simply will have more on your outfit it’s going to distract all the attention from your faces.

-I don’t recommend wearing LIGHT green/yellow for two reasons: during the color-correction these colors will become almost white and “dirty white” and most likely won’t be good with your skin tone.

I would recommend to have it as natural as possible, maybe light blush, lipstick/lip linear (a little more saturated or dark than you usually would do because red color is going to wash out a little during color-correction as well), preferably no dark shadows
💃🏼As natural as possible! Light curls on your tips and some extra volume at roots would look amazing (same with your little princesses).
🕺🏼I am sure you know what to do😬
Thank you again and hope you will have a wonderful day!
Best wishes,