Hi, Dear Friend!

My name is Anastasia and I am a professional photographer, editor, teacher, and owner of this wonderful space. First of all, let me thank you for checking us out, it’s an honor to have you here! I would love to share with you my journey!

I have a very long post about who I am here:


But shortly I am 22 yo, I have been doing photography for 7 years and captured over 720 families and 130 events in 7 states. I also love editing and edit in more than 20 different styles. Besides photography I love interior design, styling, and creating beautiful handmade props. 

I moved to the states about 7 years ago and started a photography business in VA. I didn’t have anything, I was 16 and my stepfather didn’t want me living in the house so I had to move out and somehow get it going (it’s another long story haha), but oh I was suffering from having to take Uber, walk, or sometimes ride bike to my shoots. I was dreaming about having my own cool building where I could create set-ups, decorations, come up with seasonal decor, use different types of lighting and have props for any photography genre (so I didn’t have to fit newborn beanbag into random Uber’s trunk)😬 But I knew it will take awhile, haha!

Then I moved in FL. I had to start everything from scratch and that’s where I started coming up with different set-ups- the first thing I created was a flower swing, it blew up.. I had almost 100 shoots. But FL was never my place, I absolutely hate the heat. WA was my dream and after living in FL for a year I moved to WA! And again- everything from the begging! I had to look for and attract clients, that’s when I started creating new set-ups every season, but it was so difficult to do it outside. I had to carry 100 props, huge and heavy decorations to the middle of nowhere, look for spots where lighting will be good anytime of the day and etc.. It was a lot of stress and work. 

In October of 2020 I was thinking about how to do cool minis without making my clients drive to Leavenworth and I promised myself to come up with something- that’s how the studio started. I found a building, painted everything and decorated for Christmas – it was a success, I had almost 70 shoots booked. In Jan 2021 the top floor in the same building happened to be rented out and I got it! That’s how the studio was created❤️

Since now on it’s you and I creating the story together! Look forward having you in the studio!

Best wishes,